Scrunch Plastic recognises that soft plastic won't disappear overnight so in the meantime our mission is to divert it from landfill & get it recycled. 
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What are soft plastics?


Soft plastics are the plastics you can scrunch, not the plastic in your milk bottles which are hard plastic and can go in the council recycling bin. 
Ask yourself, does it scrunch into a ball?

Think rice, chips or pasta packets! Its also cling wrap, bubble wrap, plastic bags, postage bags... you get the idea.

They are extremely hard to recycle in exisiting processes and need their own equipment. Because household soft plastics have been contaminated by food this makes final products even more complicated. Some ideas we are trying are our plant pots.

Beautiful 100% recycled soft plastic. 

Keeping Australia Beautiful 

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Peoples. May our environmental practices be educated by their custodianship which has respected this land for more than 50,000 years. 
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